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Advertisers Day cocktail

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BTL Latino participated as a sponsor in the Advertisers Day Party, organized by Fevap. A distinguished group of advertisers, announcers, communication Media members, friends and associates shared a nice evening. In the event was present the new social community and

Take home a Super Bowl

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BTL Latino activated a Nestle Yoghurt promotion “Take home a Super Bowl” in Plaza´s supermarket chain stores. During the next 7 weekends, consumers will be able to take home a nice bowl when the buy the products been promoted.


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BTL Latino participated as sponsor of the cocktail reception organized by FEVAP to celebrate the Advertisers Day.


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BTL Latino attended the “Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference” in the USA where the annual meetings have been in Tampa, Scottsdale, San Antonio and Las Vegas.


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BTL Latino launches to the market its Mistery Shopper service. To provide this solution it has an alliance with Consumer@Site, member of the MSPA.
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